• OKO Get-U-Home Puncture Repair Kit. NO Expiry date Sealant & Powerful Digital Pump

    Probably the Best specified & equipped Emergency Puncture Repair Kit offered in Malaysia.

    It surpasses German OEM Specifications that some competitors mention – so it’s no surprise that an Audi Main Distributor in Holland offers OKO’s Get u Home Kit instead of the OEM “Mobility Kit’


    Designed to get you driving again as quickly as possible. Just 12-15 minutes to get you on your journey again.


    Too much time by the roadside can be fatal.


    The Kit consists of:

    1. 250ml bottle of OKO Sealant good for up to 18in Rims. (Replacement bottles available from us).


    2. Award winning Digital Compressor, 3 metre electric cable to fit in the Cars power outlet.


    3. Plus a 60cm long tube to fit the tyres valve. Pressure bleed valve and easy to fit. Plus adapters for balls and air beds.


    4. See thru plastic case with carry handle. Total Weight 1.4kg Sealant made in the UK by OKO Global LLC who have been making sealants since 1978.


    Compressor specified by OKO Global, but made in China. 1 Year Warranty.

    UK’s ‘Which’ Magazine made it a ‘Best Buy’

    If your rim size is bigger than 18in please advise on your order and we will replace the 250ml bottle of sealant with the 400ml bottle. Price remains the same.


    RM 270.00RM 300.00 10% off

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