• Advance Car Aircond Service Cooling Coil Wash

    This Advance Car Aircond Service (Cooling Coil wash) is using 1 set (3 bottles of different solutions) with an endoscope attached with a spray to clean the aircon cooling coil without removing the vehicles dashboard.

    3 STEPS:

    No. 1 – Cleaning Agent. Healthy Bacteriostatic and Say Goodbye to Odorous Air
    No. 2 – Sterilizing Agent. Safe Antibacterial Deodorization and Purify the Air in the Vehicle
    No. 3 – Restoration Agent. Antibacterial Deodorant and Clear Air

    Package includes:

    1. One set of CSR Agents (3 bottles) RM140
    2. Labour charges
      • RM80 for most local & Asian cars (Small & Medium size car)
      • RM160 for all Continental cars / MPV / SUV / Large Sedan cars
    3. Total check-out price will be Inclusive of SST 6% on Labour charges only
    RM 224.80RM 309.60

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