Perodua Nautica Tyre Malaysia

Perodua Nautica Tyre Introduction

Perodua Nautica Despite being one of the company’s least popular models, the Nautica was a reliable car. As the country’s second “national” carmaker started to overtake Proton as the country’s best-selling make, Perodua was riding a wave of successful models. It’s unfair to characterize the Nautica as the worst Perodua model owing to weak sales, particularly when you consider what went wrong. Before moving on, we need to go back to 1985 to understand what went wrong with the D55L’s predecessor. If you know Malaysian automotive history, you know Proton and then Perodua received special government subsidies that made their automobiles more inexpensive than foreign and even locally produced competition. This was perceived as an unfair advantage as Malaysians seeking mobility rushed to local carmakers. This socioeconomic division still exists today. It’s also why certain autos are overpriced. The Kembara was Perodua’s success, but it was aging. Even with a K3-VE engine upgrade, the SUV was 10 years old. Perodua’s partner Daihatsu has the second-gen Terios as a replacement. Perodua opted to build the Kembara’s replacement on this small SUV. Perodua hoped to repeat the Myvi and Viva’s achievements. Perodua introduced the Nautica in May 2008. It had the same 1.5-litre 3SZ-VE 4-cylinder engine (109 PS/141 Nm) and short-wheelbase Terios as the Daihatsu. With a 4-speed automatic gearbox and permanent all-wheel drive (AWD). It wasn’t some gimmicky crossover that looked like a genuine SUV.

Perodua Nautica Tyre Size

Tyre size is one of the most significant factors that a driver should be aware of while operating a motor vehicle. The Perodua Nautica is capable of handling tyres that are 16-17 inches in diameter. Some of the manufacturers that have supplied tyres in the Nautica size are GoodYear, Michelin, and Continental, to name just a few. Make an effort to communicate with your tyre professional in order to have a better grasp of the various offerings offered from different companies.

Perodua Nautica Tyre Air Pressure

Pressure applied to pneumatic tires measures the amount of air contained inside the tyre and is used to determine how much air is within the tyre. It is essential to maintain enough tyre pressure at all times in order to guarantee that the tyres wear evenly and that the required level of grip on the road surface is maintained. This condition often calls for the use of the PSI (pounds per square inch) unit of measurement. The tyres on a car come in a variety of sizes, and the air pressure in those tyres changes based on the size of the tyres used in the car. In order to ensure vehicle stability, it is necessary to use varied air pressure settings for different tyre sizes. According to the manufacturer, 29-32 PSI of air pressure is required for effective operation.

Perodua Nautica Tayar Price Range

Nautica’s tyres are generally priced between RM 150 and RM 250, with the price varying from manufacturer to manufacturer. Currently, Continental and Dunlop are the most widely used tyre brands in the world, accounting for more than half of the total market share. Because of the dependability and safety it provides. In contrast to other sedan car tyres, Nautica tyres suggests that you choose the best available on the market that has the ability to withstand high pressure impact in order to maximize your safety. The pricing of Nautica’s tyres are shown in the table below, in a variety of configurations.


  • 185/55R16 D06: RM180-RM195
  • 185/55R16 CC6: RM 210 – RM225
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