Perodua Kembara Tyre Malaysia

Perodua Kembara Tyre Introduction

The Daihatsu Kembara mid-size car was introduced in August 1998 as a successor for the Terios. It was the world’s first national four-wheel drive car while Perodua was still referred to be a national automaker. However, both Kancil and Rusa had their own unique logos at the time, therefore it was a first appearance of the instantly recognizable Perodua badge. At RM 45,000 for a base 1.3 EX with a 5-speed manual gearbox, the Kembara was the market’s most cheap new SUV. This allowed a new generation of Malaysians looking for a stylish and economical SUV to join the market. The nearest competition at the time was the Suzuki Jimny SJ130, an old but reliable motorcycle. It was originally available in three different configurations: manual, automatic, and GX, which was the most costly and only available with a four-speed automatic transmission. The Kembara’s 1.3-litre Daihatsu HC-EJ SOHC engine developed 83 horsepower and 105 Nm of torque. It came in six colors: red, white, silver, and a two-tone metallic red, blue, and green with silver side garnishes, front and back bumpers, and a silver rear bumper. The Kembara was subsequently offered in black, white, and silver. Perodua was able to take 71% of the 4×4 market by August 1999, selling 10,888 vehicles. A year after Malaysia was hit by the global financial crisis, and with the local 4×4 market declining, this was an impressive performance.

Perodua Kembara Tyre Size

Tire size is one of the most significant factors that a driver should be aware of while operating a motor vehicle. The Perodua Kembara is capable of accepting tires with a diameter ranging of 15-16 inches. Some of the manufacturers that have supplied tires in the Kembara size are GoodYear, Michelin, and Continental, to name just a few. Interacting with your tire professional can help you get a better grasp of the many offerings offered from different manufacturers.

Perodua Kembara Tyre Air Pressure

In pneumatic tires, the quantity of air contained inside the tyre is measured by the pressure of the tyre on the automobile. Correct tyre pressure must be maintained at all times in order to ensure that the tyres wear uniformly and that the necessary degree of traction on the road surface is maintained. PSI (pounds per square inch) is a unit of measurement that is often employed in this situation. A car’s tires have different sizes, and the air pressure in those tires varies depending on the size of the tires used in the automobile. Variable air pressure settings are required for different tyre sizes in order to maintain vehicle stability. The suggested air pressure for the Perodua Kembara is 29–30 PSI, but you may increase it to as high as 32 PSI if you like more comfort.

Perodua Kembara Tyre Price Range

As previously stated, the Perodua Kembara Tayar size is 15-16 inches, and a range of tyre manufacturers are available for this particular car. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most common tire manufacturers for you to use as a guide. Regarding brand preference, the Continental CC6 is unquestionably the most popular of all the brands currently available on the market because of its comfortable ride, noise reduction groove, and ability to transfer less noise to the passengers, all of which contribute to increased comfort for the passengers.

  • Goodyear 175/65R15 (DP-D1): RM140 to 155.
  • In the case of the Continental CC6 175/65R15, the prices range from RM 150 to RM165.
  • Michelin PS3 175/65R15: RM185 – RM195 each set of four tires
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