Perodua Ativa Tyre Malaysia

Perodua Ativa Tyre Introduction

The Perodua Ativa 2021 will compete against the Proton X50 and include several Perodua firsts. The Ativa is the first Perodua with a turbocharged engine and CVT, and it comes in three luxurious trim levels (X, H, and AV). Its styling is based on the Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize. The Ativa has a front grille that extends into the LED headlights and the L-shaped front fog lamp casings. Standard across the board, LED headlights are. The Ativa comes with two sets of wheels: the 1.0 X comes with 16-inch silver alloy wheels, while the 1.0 H and 1.0 AV come with 17-inch dual-tone alloy wheels. The Ativa’s rear is trimmed in chrome and black, with LED taillights and an L-shaped trim. The Ativa’s rear has a silver trim below the number plate holder. Only the top-of-the-line AV model has dual-tone (black roof) options.

Perodua Ativa Tyre Size

The Perodua Ativa is known to have wheels with a tyre size of 16 inches and a tyre size of 17 inches. For the Perodua Ativa, a number of tire manufacturers, including Bridgestone and GoodYear, are responsible for the production of the tires. Many users, on the other hand, continue to change the tyre size to a bigger one depending on the circumstances. If you would like to make the same alterations, please speak with your tire professional to get further information about your modifications before proceeding.

Perodua Ativa Tyre Air Pressue

Pressure applied to pneumatic tires measures the amount of air contained inside the tyre and is used to determine how much air is within the tyre. It is essential to maintain proper tyre pressure at all times in order to guarantee that the tyres wear consistently and that the appropriate degree of grip on the road surface is maintained. This condition often calls for the use of the PSI (pounds per square inch) unit of measurement. There are various sizes of tyres on different cars, and the air pressure in those tyres is vary based on the size of the tyres that are utilized in the vehicle. In order to ensure vehicle stability, it is necessary to use varied air pressure settings for different tyre sizes. Keeping the air pressure in the Perodua Ativa at 31 PSI for the front tire and 28 PSI for the rear tire is essential to keeping it in excellent working condition.

Perodua Ativa Tyre Price Range

This vehicle’s tyre size is 16-17 inches, and there are a variety of tyre manufacturers from which to choose. As previously said, the Perodua Ativa has 16-17 inch tyres, with a variety of tyre manufacturers to choose from. In order to get information on your Ativa’s tyre, you need contact your local tyre shop, since this information is not available on the internet for your convenience or to be used as a source of reference. However, according to an internet portal, the expected price for Ativa’s tire is between RM350 and RM500 (about). Bridgestone is clearly the most popular tire manufacturer for this specific automobile, thanks to a new technology called Nano Pro-Tech compound that disperses silica in the rubber, which provides advantages such as a good combination of comfort, quietness, and safety.

Perodua Ativa Tayar Summary

Several test drivers drove the Ativa before it was revealed at Perodua’s Serendah headquarters. We may conclude that the cabin improvements are superior to earlier Peroduas, that wind and tyre noise are well-insulated, and that the engine is generally quiet. The Perodua XV rides and handles better than previous Perodua models because of its Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) platform.

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